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17 Sep

Saturday Panel

Transitioning Roles and Mindsets (Saturday Panel)


There comes a moment when everyone must decide: do I stay or do I go?  Many women in science, engineering, technology or trades at one point or another find themselves feeling out of place — unsure if they belong in their current position and uncertain about what change could look like.   Following a Keynote presentation from April Howe on how to recognize that you are at that junction point and determine where to go from there, this panel will bring together four individuals to discuss their experiences recognizing their own crossroads.   They will share how they changed their perspective or conditions to stay, or how they transitioned to their new roles.  While systemic change takes time, we can all change our mindsets and take actions to improve the daily grind not only for ourselves but also for our colleagues.



  • Donna Clark, Ph.D. (ODC), MA, CMC, PCC, Courage Group International


  • April Howe – Executive Director of People and Culture, Public Service Commission, 
  • Dr. Nola Etkin – Interim Dean of Science and Professor of Chemistry, University of PEI, 
  • Sarah Devereaux – Partner, Dillon Consulting Limited, 
  • Emily Tipton – Beer Engineer and Co-Founder, Boxing Rock Brewing Company