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03 Aug

Sue Molloy

Dr. Sue Molloy, Ph.D., P.Eng., Ocean Engineer and academic researcher in Halifax, NS. 

Dr. Molloy is based in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, is President of Glas Ocean Electric and is an active consulting engineer, researcher and adjunct professor of Ocean Engineering. Dr. Molloy specializes in Electric Boats & Ships, Marine Renewable Energy and Sustainable Engineering. Through both Glas Ocean Electric and her consulting company, Dr. Molloy’s current and recent projects have been for clients such as the Canadian Space Agency, Transport Canada and Black Rock Tidal Power.  

Dr. Molloy’s doctoral work focused on ship propulsion and diesel-electric propulsion. Dr. Molloy has produced a number of reports for provincial and federal agencies that address marine testing facilities, tidal power, electric boats, and marine noise.  

Dr. Molloy is the international chair for the International Electrotechnical Committee (IEC) River Turbines Performance Project Team (PT) (62600-300), a Canadian delegate on the Design PT of IEC TC114 Marine Energy and is a former board member of Marine Renewables Canada.  She is the former co-chair of the Canada-China track II energy dialogue marine renewable energy subcommittee.

Dr. Molloy has taught over 20 university courses including sustainable engineering and turbomachines for Dalhousie University, Faculty of Engineering and sustainable industrial design and renewable energy at OCAD University in Toronto. As an adjunct professor at Dalhousie and also in the Faculty of Engineering at the University of Manitoba, Dr. Molloy is working on a range of tidal power research projects. Dr. Molloy has been publishing regularly in journals and at conferences since 2001, is on the editorial boards of the Journal of Ocean Technology and the SUT Journal of Underwater Technology and regularly reviews for Elsevier and IEEE. Dr. Molloy reviews grants for the US Department of Energy and NOAA and is a member of the NSERC Discovery Grant Evaluation Group for Mechanical Engineering. Dr. Molloy’s consulting clients include ocean-related SMEs, tidal power project developers, non-profits, academia, and government.