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18 Apr

Mae Seto

Mae was born in Vancouver, B.C. She did her undergraduate degree in the Electrical Engineering option of Engineering Physics and her Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering – both at the University of British Columbia. She tenured her NSERC Industrial Post-Doctoral Fellowship at ISE Research Ltd., one of the top designers and manufacturers of marine robots in the world. She continued to work for 3 years at ISE after her post-doctoral fellowship was complete.

Mae joined DRDC as a Defence Scientist in 2000. Her areas of expertise are in autonomy and control of robots (above, on, and under water), marine robots, underwater navigation and communication, underwater acoustics and towed body systems. In 2013 she was at MIT as a Research Scientist collaborating with the Marine Robotics Group in underwater robotic localization and mapping.

To perform in-water validation of her research, Dr. Seto was Chief or Principal Scientist on many scientific trials all over the world including one to the Canadian Arctic and most recently, Unmanned Warrior 2016 in Scotland. She has written many papers, book chapters, and articles in these areas as well as a Springer Verlag book for which she is editor and a contributor, Marine Robot Autonomy.

In 2017, Mae joined Dalhousie University’s Faculty of Engineering as an Associate Professor and Director of the Intelligent Systems Laboratory. She was also recently appointed the Irving Shipbuilding Research Chair in Marine Engineering and Autonomous Systems. Dr. Seto collaborates with academic and industrial partners in Canada, France, U.S. and U.K. Her areas of research include fundamental development and applications of marine autonomous robots to scientific, military and commercial purposes – the focus of today’s presentation. Dr. Seto is also a consultant to the Dept. of National Defence on marine autonomous robots and a member of NATO Working Groups in robotic control systems. She also contributes to the Observation Module within the Ocean Frontiers Institute.